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Our Silver Music Release Package is designed to provide you with the essential tools and expert guidance required to elevate your music release and shine in the competitive music industry.


Package Highlights:


8-Week Marketing and PR Strategic Plan: Success in the music industry demands a well-thought-out strategy. We will craft an in-depth 8-week strategic plan that encompasses every facet of your music release, social media growth, and artist branding. With this plan, you're set to make a significant impact and reach your target audience effectively.


2 Email Marketing Campaigns: Email marketing is a vital tool for connecting with the industry. Our Silver Package includes not one, but two professionally crafted email marketing campaigns. Each campaign comprises a compelling press release and an Electronic Press Kit (EPK), designed to capture the attention of music bloggers, media outlets, and potential collaborators.


Direct Submission: We'll directly submit your music to key industry platforms and professionals, increasing your chances of getting noticed by radios, music blogs, and influencers who can help propel your music career.


Spotify Pitching Service: Your music deserves a spot on popular streaming platforms like Spotify. Our pitching service will put your music in front of Spotify playlist curators, increasing your chances of landing on playlists that can drive streams and expand your reach.


1 Hour of Consultation: Collaboration is essential. Our team is dedicated to supporting your music journey. With one hour of personalised consultation, you can discuss your music goals, receive expert advice, and address any questions or concerns you may have.


You will receive a full report on the email campaign, Spotify playlists and anything you would like us to measure at the end of the campaign.


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