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A 50% non- refundable deposit is required for the purchase of packages or bespoke packages. We will only start on your project once the deposit is paid. For all other services, payment will be required in full. 
Payment can be made in full or in two payment instalments of 50%.  (Only for packages) Then total payment is required before the end of the project (30 days after the first payment). Deposits or full payment can be made via bank transfer to the details provided in the invoice. 
Prices are subject to change without notice, however once a deposit is paid, the price quoted will not change. Please note a quote expires after 30 days. 
A deposit of 50% of your order or any part payment made as a deposit is a non-refundable and would automatically be forfeited should you cancel the service at any time. In the event of a cancellation, no further cancellation fee applies.

In the event of cancellation where the whole amount has been paid upfront and cancellation has been requested within 14 days you may receive a refund of 50% of your whole order.

Where cancellation is made in writing after 14 days and payment has been made in full, 25% of your total order will be refunded to you by bank transfer.

Where payment has been made in full and cancellation is made in writing after 28 days, you may forfeit the whole of your payment in order to cover expenses incurred, administration costs and loss of business by Feed’Em Music Group. 
Once the payment is made, the service cannot be cancelled and refunded but you can decide to use the service at later time .
Once the payment is made, we will expect you to deliver your content if needed in a timely manner in order for us to start working and respect your deadlines. We will not be responsible for any delay if the necessary documents have not been supplied. 

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