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Monthly (minimum 1 month)

Discover a monthly social media management service that will transform your online presence. At FMGUK, we're committed to helping you thrive on Instagram and Facebook.

Our Monthly Offer Includes:

12 Professionally Crafted Posts: Keep your audience engaged with fresh content - that's 3 posts every week, including your own material.

4 Custom-Designed Content Pieces: Elevate your brand with bespoke content, including posts, quotes, basic photo edits and basic video edits.

Compelling Captions & Strategic Hashtags: We'll enhance every post with captivating captions and optimized hashtags to boost your reach.

Expert Tagging: Ensuring your content reaches the right audience through expert tagging techniques.

Sharing on 10 Relevant Pages: Amplify your presence with posts shared across 10 pages relevant to your niche.

2 Hours of Consultation: Gain valuable insights during two hours of one-on-one consultation, focusing on your social media brand clinic and strategy.

Instagram & Facebook only

£350.00 per month
£95 per week

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