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Our Gold Music Release Package is meticulously designed to provide you with the most comprehensive set of tools and expert guidance needed to catapult your music release to a level of excellence that's hard to ignore.


Package Highlights:


12-Week Marketing and PR Strategic Plan: Your music release deserves nothing but the best. We will craft a detailed 12-week strategic plan that covers every facet of your music launch, social media expansion, and artist branding. This plan is your blueprint for achieving unprecedented success in the music industry.


2 Email Marketing Campaigns: The power of email marketing cannot be underestimated. Our Gold Package includes not just one, but two expertly crafted email marketing campaigns. Each campaign features a compelling press release and an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) that will grab the attention of music bloggers, media outlets, and potential collaborators.


Direct Submission in Partnership with Praise Campers Entertainment Nigeria: We've partnered with industry experts at Praise Campers Entertainment Nigeria to provide direct submission services, putting your music in front of key industry contacts in the UK and Africa.


Spotify Pitching Service: Your music deserves a spot on top-tier streaming platforms like Spotify. Our pitching service will strategically present your music to Spotify playlist curators, enhancing your chances of landing on playlists that can drive streams and expand your fanbase.


2 Hours of Consultation: We understand the value of collaboration. With two hours of personalised consultation, you can delve deeper into your music goals, receive expert insights, and address any queries or concerns you may have.


You will receive a full report on the email campaign, Spotify playlists and anything you would like us to measure at the end of the campaign


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